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Fire Fighting Pump



• Modern and efficient design with high performans.

• The wide product range to suit every need.

• Multi-stage, vertical or horizontal type, end-suction pump is the norm, inline, double suction split volute casing pumps can be manufactured.

• Permanent replacement can be produced upon request and wildcard pump-team.

• An electric motor or diesel engine, or both may be made of multiple packet form.

• X20Cr13 material or stainless stell shaft, the impeller can be made of gray cast iron or bronze.

• EN 12845.

• Selected acccording to the flow rate of the pump, the suction line eksantrik, pumping line has a concentric reduction is required.

• The suction and discharge line valves butterfly valve or the rising national valve, check valve may be check valve in the disco.

• Suction and discharge pumps are a common collector connected to each other, ease of mounting.

• Gland packing in accordance with NFPA conditions of shaft sealing is providing.

• Single inlet, closed impeller, balance holes and wear ring against axial load balanced, dynamically balanced.

• Pressure stabilization valve is available as a standard.

• Control systems within the same enclosure or cabinet designed as discrete type.

• Building automation systems are compatible.

• Weekly testing program, audible and visual alarm is available.

• Boosters expansion tank, control panel, complete with connection kit and then ready to install the package.

• Extensive service network and spare parts.

• Products can be designed in accordance with NFPA 20 standards