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* In-Line Centrifual Pumps

• Equal to the diameters of the suction and pressure flanges ETKF-I and on the same axis

• At installation saves space.

• Quieter and less vibration.

• Pump diamensions are acceptable TS EN 733 standard.

• ETKF-I series is off the wheel and wheel balancing holes in the wings to minimize ta axial loads, dynamic loads are balanced within.

• Switch to the motor shaft to the pump shaft is provided with the connection. If there are overloads of this type of connection coupling link is provided instead

• Suction and discharge flanges are suitable standard ISO 7005-2/PN 16.

• Cavitation tends to be more limited.

• High Efficiency and long service life.

• Shaft sealing by mechanical seal is provided.

• Circulation pump applications, the preferred model.